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A blend of the most powerful striking arts of Muay Thai and Boxe Française Savate, fused with the most effective combat sport, Mixed Martial Arts, and real-world, battle-tested self-defense Krav Maga. Obtain a practical, dynamic physical and high energy training methodology that will push your physical and mental attributes to the next level.

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The Gym:


Cater to your style of combat whether from the ground up or stand-up striking. Sam Lumpini gym provides group classes in:
Muay Thai, B.F. Savate, Krav Maga, MMA, and Boxing

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Train with master Sam Lumpini himself, hone your skills for the next tournament - or get the most intense workout of your life.

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For students that have barriers to training such as previous injuries, poor flexibility, or need to optimize their health for the next event we have a certified Manual Osteopath on-site to guide you to in your training program.


Lumpini Combat seminars focus on detailed real world tactics and techniques expanding on the Group Classes.

Students are graded in the training seminars that are generally 4 hours in length.

Leave your weakness at home.


Sam Lumpini is an international coach with students worldwide. Learn from over 30 years of combat sport and become a part of Team Lumpini.

Lumpini Fighting System

Sam Lumpini began training combat sports in 1983, at age 18. He started practising Boxe Française Savate and within a few years won several provincial and national titles. He then moved on to Boxing, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing, and was ranked #1 in Europe as a professional in 1990 (WKA). Sam also travelled several times to Thailand to train and compete in Muay Thai professionally. At the end of the 1990, he retired from the competition circuit after dominating his division and winning championships in France and becoming the European Kickboxing Champion.
After coaching in Berlin and New York City, Sam moved to Toronto, Canada and within a short period of time, gained an excellent reputation for his knowledge of various striking arts which he taught and coached throughout the city. In 1995, Sam opened the ‘Lumpini Stadium Gym’ focusing on Muay Thai, Boxe Francaise Savate, and Boxing. Sam continued his own learning dedicating himself to training a variety of different martial arts (Sambo, Pancrase, and BJJ).

Sam’s professional fighting career was complimented by real-world experiences as he was the head of security at prestigious nightclubs in Toronto and also served as body-guard for such stars as Robert De Niro, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Matt Dillon, Uma Thurman, Sean Penn and Quentin Tarantino. In 2000, Sam moved back to Europe, and settled in Lisbon, Portugal. 

There he became heavily immersed in Krav Maga, training with the most experienced instructors in Europe. Within a short time, Sam’s expertise was sought by the U.S. Embassy, Clube 7, the NATO Military Base, and various elite Special Forces units in Portugal as a self-defense, combatives trainer.
By 2004, Sam became the national coach for the Portuguese Association of Krav Maga. He was in charge of training future instructors, and had become one the most important Krav Maga representatives in Portugal appearing on television and in magazines. By 2006, Sam founded the first Krav Maga Training Center in Portugal and was considered the most renowned instructor in the country, training the general public, law enforcement agencies, military and security personnel through various workshops and seminars.
In 2010 Sam returned to Toronto and opened his new state of the art training facility and continues to train people in all walks of life in the disciplines of Muay Thai, Boxe Française Savate, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing and Lumpini Krav Maga.
Sam's Team through national and international seminars, is now represented in several countries such as Portugal, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, the United States, and Canada.
Sam continues to hone his own skills by traveling to Germany, the United States and Spain and training with other renowned trainers like Erik Paulson, Ralf Beckmaan.


2448 Danforth Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario, M4C 1K9